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I See My Wine People - Wine Glass

I See My Wine People - Wine Glass

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Vinyl design on a 15oz wine glass with the saying “I  see my wine people”.  The design is adhered to the glass using adhesive vinyl sheets which are cut into various shapes, patterns, and colors. The vinyl is then carefully applied to the surface of the wine glass, creating a visually appealing and often intricate design. High-quality adhesive vinyl sheets are used to create these designs.

The process to hand apply the design starts with cutting the vinyl design out using various methods depending on the design.  Then the vinyl is applied to a wine glass, which requires careful attention to detail. The glass is cleaned and prepped to ensure a clean surface. Then, the cut vinyl pieces are gently transferred onto the glass, adhering to the surface smoothly.

Care Instructions: Once the vinyl design is in place, it's important to follow care instructions to ensure its longevity. Hand washing the wine glass is recommended.  DO NOT place in the dishwasher, as harsh detergents and high temperatures in dishwashers could compromise the adhesive. When hand washing, do not scrub harshly, as the vinyl could be damaged or removed from the glass.


Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations may appear. Please note colors may appear different on your computer.

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